Preventing Mold Growth Throughout the Home

mold near humid window

Put a Stop to Mold

One of the most important aspects of being a homeowner is keeping your home in the best shape possible. This includes scheduling repairs when needed, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and keeping it clean.

The cleanliness of your home can have a large impact on your quality of life. It can make it difficult and dangerous for family members to get around the house, you risk inviting unwanted pests inside, and you could be influencing your family’s health.

Mold growth is a common problem we see in homes that can severely affect your living environment. The growth and spread of mold are controllable if you follow professional advice and make an effort to keep a clean home.

How Mold Affects Your Health

Mold lives all around us and is essential for breaking down materials in nature. In our homes, however, mold is a menace and can be more harmful to the elderly, children, and those with allergies or asthma. When gathered in a large number, mold can have the following effects on your health:

  • Watery eyes.
  • Runny nose.
  • Sneezing.
  • Coughing.
  • Wheezing.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Headaches.
  • Fatigue.

If you’re consistently exposed to mold, your sensitivity to these reactions will only increase and your immune system will weaken.

How Mold Grows

Mold reproduces through spores that are not individually visible to the human eye. However, as they settle and find a place to grow and spread, they quickly make themselves known. The perfect spot for mold growth? A wet environment or where there is food for them to feed on and break down.

This is why your bathroom, basement, and kitchen are most at risk of developing a mold problem.

Preventing Mold

When you find mold, it is best to take action to get rid of it straight away as it can spread very quickly.

In Wet Spaces

The best way to keep mold from growing and spreading is to control the dampness in high moisture areas. Do your best to find and get rid of puddles of standing water and damp towels and rugs. Be sure to clean and disinfect the area with mold-killing solutions and do so on a regular basis. Repairing leaks as soon as you spot them is also an important task in order to keep mold from quickly developing. Remember, it can take only two days for growth to begin.

In kitchens and bathrooms, your exhaust fans should always be used when showering or cooking as they will reduce humidity. In your basement, keep an eye on ventilation, and insulate walls.

If your area is having an especially humid season, you may want to consider purchasing a dehumidifier for additional humidity help.

Near Food

Unfortunately, mold growth is inevitable for certain types of food. We’ve all had those days when we’ve pulled out the loaf of bread to make toast, only to find a green, gross mess on the crust. When this happens, the best thing is to throw the item out immediately.

One of the best ways to prevent molding food is to keep a clean refrigerator. Keep an eye out for old food and throw it out once it becomes unusable as mold can easily spread to other items in your refrigerator.

Move opened, perishable food to sealable containers and try to eat leftovers within a few days of cooking.

Water Restoration Services

If your home has suffered water damage in any capacity, it is at risk of developing a mold problem if not properly restored. The team at W.B. Arthur is experienced in water removal, drying, and dehumidification in order to get your home clean and safe once again. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your appointment.