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Even an inch of flood water in your home can be enough to cause lasting devastation. After a pipe breaks or a storm surge floods your property, you have to act quickly to get things under control to minimize the damage done. If you live in San Marcos, New Braunfels, Buda, Austin, or the surrounding communities, then you should pick up the phone, dial (512) 710-0559, and talk to a flood clean up technician from W.B. Arthur.

Five reasons you should count on us for flood clean up services:

  • 24/7 availability
  • 1-hour response times for most jobs
  • Free upfront estimates
  • Clean, prompt professionals
  • Assistance working with your insurer

Please be aware that we can begin flood clean up before all the floodwater recedes. If there are still a few inches of water on the ground and we can navigate your property safely, then we can begin using our water pumps and other clean up methods. The sooner we can get there to start, the better we can stop water damage from spreading!

Contact us at any time to get San Marcos flood clean up services when you need them the most.

Our Specialized Equipment for Flood Clean Up Jobs

Do not be disheartened after flood water or a broken pipe has inundated your home. There is still a chance to save and restore plenty of what has been flooded! We have two goals when we are brought on for a flood clean up job: to make certain we do great work at a competitive cost, and to help you have hope that things aren’t as bad as they look.

We use advanced industry equipment to efficiently clean up your property, including:

  • Water pumps: If there is still standing water in your property when we arrive, then we can use high-powered water pumps to remove it rapidly. Our water pumps are effective no matter how much water is flooding your home, from just a few inches to a foot or more.
  • Water vacuums: Once the standing water has been largely eliminated, we will use specialized water vacuums to target where water has pooled. If there is a low point on your property, for example, then the water will pool there and can soak down into the flooring. Our industrial-grade water vacuums can minimize how much soaks into the ground.
  • Air circulators: Powerful air circulators that are much more than just a big fan are brought into your property to keep the air flowing throughout affected spaces. Circulating air reduces humidity and mugginess, which makes it difficult for mold to grow while the remaining water dries out. Depending on the extent of the damage, it might be necessary to leave the air circulators running for several days for best effectiveness.
  • Wall and cavity drying systems: Our San Marcos flood clean up team is also equipped with unique pressure dryers and cavity drying systems that allow for air to circulate inside flooded walls. Some of the worst mold growth will start in walls where it is unseen from the outside. Using this equipment, we can identify what walls or cavities – like spaces between bathroom fixtures and a wall – have been affected and start drying them through directed airflow.
  • Steam cleaners: One of the last steps of cleaning up after a flood is bringing in the steam cleaners. Even with all of the other steps followed and equipment used, it is possible that mold growth will begin where the flood damage was the worst. Steam cleaning equipment can apply fungicides and deodorizers where needed, such as damp carpeting and even upholstered furniture.

Don’t Wait for Emergency Flood Clean Up in San Marcos

When water is flooding your home and wreaking havoc, you need to act fast! Call (512) 710-0559, tell our San Marcos flood clean up technicians what is going on, and we will tell you how soon we can be there. With our genuine sense of urgency combined with our extensive industry experience, we can get your home back to a livable condition against before you know it!

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