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When water floods your home, it can cause a number of serious problems – and probably sooner than you think. The immediate loss of valuables, eventual structural damage, and the gradual accumulation of mold are all likely to occur during a flood, be it caused by a natural storm or plumbing disaster. In order to prevent further damage in your home, turn to our team of professional water removal specialists from W.B. Arthur to be there in a hurry!

When you call our company with a water removal issue, the first thing we will do is evaluate the situation. Some types of water, such as sewage water, are more dangerous than others and should be treated with extra care. Hazardous water may carry dangerous bacteria that cause severe illnesses, making it all the more important to arrange for emergency water removal services from our crew.

Dial (512) 710-0559 at any hour. We answer the phone 24/7 for water removal emergencies throughout San Marcos!

Water Extraction to Start Out

In order to take control of the situation, we will speedily and thoroughly remove any sitting water from your home. Using specialized equipment, our trained professionals will remove the water in your home through a system of strong water pumps. Whether your home was damaged during a storm and sustained flood damage, or a broken pipe or leak caused water to build up, we can help rapidly extract the remaining standing water.

Water Mitigation to Minimize Damage

Not only will we remove the water that has flooded your home, we will also do what we can to limit the damage to your home as much as possible through industry-tested water mitigation methods. We will locate and inspect the source of the issue.

The four most likely sources of a serious water leak and indoor flooding are:

  • Broken pipe or plumbing fixture
  • Busted appliance with a water hookup
  • Natural inundation from a storm surge
  • Leak from the ceiling during a rainstorm

Once we identify the source, we can help stop the issue from becoming even more serious than it already is. We will also look at what areas of your home have already been damaged and apply preventative methods to protect what we can.

Additional services we offer that can be useful after water removal is completed:

  • Carpet cleaning: The carpeting in your home may take the brunt of water damage during a flood. We use high-grade steam cleaners to eliminate mold that may try to form where your carpet was soaked.
  • Roof repair: If your home was flooded due to a hole in your roofing, then you can count on our team to repair it. With some professional patchwork, you can prevent future flooding so you won’t need to schedule another emergency water removal service the next time a rainstorm hits San Marcos.
  • Airduct cleaning: The water that flooded your home may have actually contaminated your airducts, too. This can happen either by water leaking into an airduct from a higher floor, or by the HVAC system running while unclean water floods a room. Our airduct cleaning services eliminate mold, fungus, and spores trapped in the vents so you can breathe easy again.
  • Upholstery cleaning: It might be possible to save some of your damaged upholstered furniture that got soaked during the indoor flood. Be sure to ask our technicians about our upholstery cleaning services while they work on your water removal job.

Don’t Wait to Call for Help During an Emergency

We cannot stress enough the importance of calling us at (512) 710-0559 as soon as possible when your home is flooded. The sooner we can get to your home to lend a professional hand, the better. Water damage only gets worse as time goes on. Get it under control and quickly with our emergency water removal services in San Marcos!

Protect Your Home from Water Damage – Call Our Restoration Specialists

Your house won’t feel like your home until after all traces of flood water have been removed. Our water removal services paired with our restoration services like carpet cleaning and appliance salvaging can make your home livable in less time than you probably think. If you have an emergency and water is flooding into your home, don’t wait. The specialists at W.B. Arthur are available around the clock to help when you need it most.

Contact W.B. Arthur to ask about a free estimate for water removal in San Marcos, Buda, Austin, New Braunfels, and beyond.

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