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A thermal inspection is a fast, accurate, and effective way of locating sources of water damage in your home. Using infrared technology and a special, heat-sensing camera, these inspections can quickly spot any areas of temperature fluctuation in your walls or floors, which are usually the source of problems that include water leaks. If you have a plumbing leak that’s causing a wide swath of damage and you really have no idea where to begin when it comes to looking for it, a thermal inspection can quickly pinpoint the location to start your search rather than blindly tearing into your walls to find a leak. This simple, fast service allows our technicians to locate the source of water damage in your walls in only a fraction of the time, sparing considerable damage to your home and allowing you to save a considerable amount of effort when it comes to damage restoration.

At W.B. Arthur, we utilize thermal inspections throughout San Marcos as a part of our water damage restoration process, as they allow us to quickly spot the source of damage so it can be eliminated and true cleanup can begin. Our technicians are equipped with modern thermal imaging technology as well as moisture detection devices and extensive training to offer you the finest inspection and restoration services available. When your home is impacted by water damage, we respond quickly with fast, effective, and dependable solutions that restore it and keep it working as it should be. And we do so as soon as possible with 24/7 services and emergency availability.

If your home has been impacted by water damage, call W.B. Arthur at (512) 710-0559 now to schedule an appointment for a thermal inspection in San Marcos.

Thermal Inspections Save You Money

Why do we utilize this high-end technology in our restoration services? The answer is simple: because it helps you save money. When we’re able to locate a source of water damage faster, we’re able to take action to solve the problem quicker. Solving the problem faster means the damage source won’t be able to spread the destruction to the same extent that it would be able to if other methods were used. As a result, your restoration is faster, you suffer fewer losses, and you save money on setting things back to normal.

Thermal inspections also help you save in other ways, including:

  • You’ll be able to schedule repairs for leaking plumbing or other serious issues faster
  • You won’t have to repair floors or walls which are torn up while searching for a leak
  • You’ll have the evidence you need to bolster an insurance claim, should you choose to file one for the damages
  • You may be able to spot small problems and get them fixed before they become big ones

Thermal inspections also offer complete peace of mind that the issue is being resolved correctly the first time—something that you don’t get from other repair or inspection methods. Thermal inspections allow us to quickly inspect your entire plumbing system, including hidden pipes, so you can be sure that you know about any and all leaks which are present in your building, thus allowing you to get them fixed as soon as possible.

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